Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bollywood had an off day...

I think they just dragged this dude in off the street..

So as far as i can make out the clip starts with awfuldancingman trying to dry a letter hes tip-exxed. This he then celebrates with a roll around the garden , as you do. And then he starts "dancing" again...

He picks up a chick , sort of drags her around a bit and then she disappears ( women huh? )

About 1:07 awfuldancingman starts backing away from us, and into a rose bush. I think hes a bit drunk. Shit hes started dancing again.

1:56 chick re-appears! His awful dancing has somehow summoned her..

1:58 shirt change. ( wait is this the same guy? im confused)

2:03 Chick digs the shirt.....someawful dancing follows. Both parties guilty here..


2:13 I think we got a puker. Either hes disgusted at his actions or this is a side effect of some AWFUL dance moves..

2:20 she forgives him! And doesnt seem to mind his pukey breath. Shes got no self respect this lady..

2:24 Some of the most half-assed dancing ive witnessed . Hes not even trying!...Actually i dont think he's well.

3:03 woah , he dances and walks the steps backwards. Walks up 2 steps backwards..Just about.

Your glad you stayed to the end cos he now breaks out all the moves...3:24 This brings on the end of the world. Goddamnit awfuldancing man!


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