Thursday, January 21, 2010

The end of The End of the Blog...

Ive decided to put this site to bed. So alas another blog goes the way of the dodo. Perhaps ill create a new blog someday and maybe ill afford it more attention unlike the sporadic nature of posting here. Thanks to whoever stopped by and had a read and left a comment and thanks to those who didnt really missed out guys! but as of January 2010 there shall be no more posts.

I'll sign off now i got a train to catch, so ill leave you in the capable hands of Ulrich Schnauss..See you again somewhere on the internet. :)

The End of the Blog (2008-2010)


Friday, January 1, 2010


Discovery - Daft Punk.

No competition really. French duo could have played to the hipster crowd after the barn storming Homwork from 1997 but decided to push their creative boundaries and changed pop music for the decade to come as a result. Discovery is a record that wears its love of pop music on its sleave and it set the tone for the rest of the decade.This album is way more influential than anybody would have first realised back in 2001.Probably way more influential than any of us realise .... even now. Nostalgia without arch- awarnesss of the fact. Samplism but done so slickly. Pretty much foreshadowed the decade long fatuation with 80s music. Its such a good record.....Timeless. Seriously just go listen to it right now. Merci !

P.S. they werent to have known but they did have a sizeable part to play in the birth of autotune!

Monday, December 21, 2009

My favourite album of 2009...

Last year i came up with a list , this year im just going to name my favourite album and be done with it.

Truth be told Cut Copys In Ghost Colours ( last years number 1!) is going to be my favourite album for the next couple of years but in the spirit of the rather pointless exercise of end of year summaries ill attempt to name my favourite album , film , tv show , washing powder , shampoo and toothpaste of 2009.

So whats my favourite album???

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix

Ive always liked the sound of Phoenix , their production sounds very clean and clear , perfect for headphone listening. All good and well you say but do they have any tunes..?? Yessir tunes a plenty , lovely guitar work , nice melodies and what i see as a lack of self consciousness about the whole thing. Some of us may not like the soft rock furnishings of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix but then again i think the more discerning listener would find something quite exciting in this album. I'll be honest i was initially underwhelmed by this record but boy did it grow on me. Ill be listening to it for many years to come. So if you havent already i suggest getting to know this excellent record, the most satisfying record of 2009 in my opinion.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

song for budget wednesday ( or any wednesday for that matter)

yup i know the budget news aint great....but have you listened to this track by this kid called VEGA?

"On hearing the track Jimmy forgets his woes and realises whats truely important in life."

.....Thats the spirit Jimmy!!