Saturday, December 27, 2008

best of 2008 in movies

technically some of these movies are 2007 releases but actually didnt arrive at Irish cinemas until 2008. Ive watched plenty of movies this year , but not nearly enough. Some of these movies i caught on the cinema screen, others on dvd and in the case of one choice on tv. Of course this list is entirely subjective and i'm probably totally off the mark but i am being honest. So the fact that The Dark Knight gets no mention is because in all honesty i found it a boring , overlong, semi- coherent piece of filmmaking.

So heres my top 5...

1) In The Shadow Of The Moon

- visually poetic, beautifully scored , intelligent measured filmaking..

2) The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

- graceful, elegiac , magic piece of moviemaking + the best movie score ive heard in a long time.

3) Paranoid Park

- as visually pure and beautiful as moviemaking gets..

4) The Mist

- a "horror movie for grown ups". An "allegory for the current post-911 culture of fear". Both of these and maybe the best Frank Darabont film since Shawshank.

5) The English Surgeon

- a gem of movie. Funny , sad , deeply touching.


Cliff-meister said...

No Dark Knight.....As good as a Comic Book "Sorry" Graphic Novel Film gets.....Paranoid Park Kinda Annoyed me. Also there is the small matter of "There will be Blood"..

fergaldavey said...

i know but its all subjective isnt it..There Will Be Blood knocked me for grandiose , some brilliant scenes ,i loved the ambition of it but it failed to really hit me on any emotional level beyond that of intrigue.

Cliff-meister said...

Just watched Paranoid Park again....have to say enjoyed it a lil'more but it still is so reminds me of Last days....which i hated but loved...Ahh the old love/Hate relationship. Kinda lookin foward to watching "Milk"....Come on Van Sant back to what you do best...
Hey dude have you ever seen a film called "Dont Lie to me" or "Fling"(in the States)...hearing great things about it..It stars that Brandon guy who attempted to play superman..Oh and speaking of Gus Van Sant do you have Elephant on DVD kinda would like to see it...
Oh Fergal just wrote a short story: will send it to you to see what you think....It's still to be finalised and is based on a dream i had which for some unknown reason i found uniquely awesome..and totally one of the freakest dreams ive ever had.

fergaldavey said...

yeah Van Sant does have his dalliances with arthouse theres a movie callled Gerry from a few years back ..fuck me!) and then his straightforward mainstream side too. Havent seen Milk but it looks good..

havent heard about those other movies but i'll look into it.

Hey that short story , send it on!