Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sarah Palin..Be very afraid

The whole Sarah Palin fiasco is deeply disappointing and quite scary . Other than her star turn as the new poster girl for Republicans at that party's convention she hasn't done much to prove her detractors wrong, and how could she for those detractors are right. Clearly unqualified, not at all fit for the post and beholden to strange fundamentalist views her appearance on the biggest political stage of all boggles the mind. Even more mind boggling however is the thought that none of this will matter in the end, because in the end she could very well be the VP and one step away from the leadership of the most powerful nation on the planet.

But surely she will come unstuck? And hasn't she already done so in the few interviews the press have being granted with her? Indeed those interviews are cringe worthy and she has being exposed (steady now) but I've got this ill feeling that the women is sort of invincible and not in a good way. You would like to assume that Joe Biden, that seasoned Washington old boy and foreign policy expert, would go to town on Palin in the upcoming Vice-Presidential debate and this seems likely. Though in a culture of reduced attention spans which gorges on info-tainment and glib soundbites its likely that this debate could be a lot closer, or at least that's the impression American television audiences will get. And i know who that's going to benefit the most..

This story from the BBC News website is quite depressing and outlines why i fear for Biden.

"It wasn't about how much she knew about the issues. People didn't care about her experience, they just thought, 'This is the drink of water we need'." WTF!!

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